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Pool Opening
Posted on May 20th, 2019

Memorial Day is almost here and with that it means pool season is upon us. The pool will be opening this year a little early than normal. Normally the pool opens on a Friday, however, this year the pool will open this Thursday at noon to coincide with kids being out of school.
Please keep the following in mind as you use the pool this year:
- Have fun - Apply sunscreen
- Stay hydrated
- There are no lifegaurds or monitors on staff, so swim at your own risk - No glass at the pool - if glass were to break in the pool, the pool would have to be drained. Enjoy something from a nice aluminum, plastic, or one of those fancy yeti cups just no glass please.
- No food near the pool - Use one of those nice tables to enjoy your tasty entree or snack.
- To see additional rules for the pool, these are posted when you walk into the facility and also are located on
Please treat our community pool as an extension of your home by treating it well. Please dispose of all trash, return chairs if moved, and pick up items from the ground including dropped food. For the enjoyment of all your neighbors, please leave the pool in better shape when you leave than when you came.
Let's have a great summer!
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